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At Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates of Louisiana, we strive to be the best in service and technology!


Whitney Bonilla

So after a long 5 years of looking for a great prosthetist, I finally found Brittany and her great staff at POANOLA. For the first time in 5 years, I have had a legs that fit so comfortable as a bk bilateral quad amputee. The staff has been very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and great with assisting with outside resources. Being the mother of a four year old can be challenging and hard at times. I gained the ability to be able to regain some more of my freedom, by moving faster and better with my new legs. My child and I are able to do more without me over exhausting myself. I see so much more improvement in my daily activity with just great fitting legs. She was also able to let me see the different feel between different feet which is also a big thing to find comfort in legs. Having someone not only understand each aspect of the prosthesis, from size of amputation and what methods work best, but to actually care about what the patients need & want is such a great thing. Can’t thank Brittany and her team enough!

James Harvey

They really go above and beyond the Call of Duty. I’m truly blessed to be a client of POA because you’re more than just a number. There’s a lot of prosthetic groups that pretend to be out for your best interest but they’re not, and you’re left in physical pain because your stump is wearing a bad socket. I’ve been an amputee for nearly two years now, and I thought that I would have to deal with walking in pain forever. Britney and her impeccable staff have definitely changed my life for the better. I really feel at home when I’m there and they’re always  smiling and very nice. That really changes my mood if I’m feeling down that day. The love and kindness they show is a reminder that God is real. I really love you guys and may God be with you always!

Travis Roddy

I have been an above knee amputee for 5 years. I have struggled with prosthetic fitment for a majority of that time. After the first visit to Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates of Louisiana, I knew I was at the right place. It wasn’t until days after the second visit I realized it was life changing. The staff and ownership there is unbelievable. They are truly dedicated to providing the highest quality of life to the patient. I would travel across the world if that is what it took. They are willing to spend any amount of time in order to get it right. Google reviews only allows 5 stars, there are not enough stars in this world to properly review this establishment.
There are many prosthetic companies that do great work and employ great technicians. However, if you want the best and in a family oriented environment, there is only one choice, Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates of Louisiana.

Sandi LeBlanc

POA of Louisiana has made my life style change easy to handle. Brittany is amazing. The entire staff is very helpful and very friendly. Every time I have gone there I felt welcomed. They all try and take care of whatever matter you are going for the same day. If for some reason that matter cannot be fixed that day, it will be fixed ASAP. I have no complaints, Very professional but yet so family like.

Cole Laiche

Before I met Brittany of POA I was clueless to anything having to do with becoming an amputee. I had several meetings set up with prosthesis, but once we spoke to Brittany she came to our home to talk to me and my wife. She was very knowledgeable and professional, but also had a “great girl next door” aura about her that made it easy to talk to her. After my wife and I met with her, my wife asked me what time my appointment was with a different prosthesis the following day? I told her I had cancelled all other meetings that I had found my one. With all I was going through at the time, I felt she was the one sure thing I knew about. I tell everyone she was God sent. After I met with Brittany several times, I had my surgery and the time finally came for me to get my first test socket at POA. Once we arrived there it didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t only Brittany that was so great, but her complete staff was amazing! From the first day I met them, I felt like I was surrounded by family. Their laid back approach, but professional touch made me feel so comfortable. My wife was amazed how quickly they had me walking and how much confidence they instilled in me. I felt like I was important and not just a number. When you walk in you will be greeted by Kinesha’s beautiful smile and a hug and then a firm hand shake from Mr.George – the man responsible for making great fitting sockets that are truly a work of art on the outside. Then we have Brittany and Ashley the two prosthesis that are greatly knowledgeable beyond their years. Last on the list you will get met with a big sloppy kiss from Cyan, my three legged k9 friend, that is there to always make you laugh. I can’t put in words how blessed I am to have met the whole crew at POA of Louisiana. If you are in need of a prosthesis, you will be truly doing yourself a great injustice if you do not go here. God blessed me with POA, and now I want to pay it forward.

William Crotwell

Not only has this group built a leg for me, but we have also built friendships. They are very professional, and since day 1 they have made me feel so comfortable that I can’t see me going anywhere else.

Kasey Gilreath (Grayson’s mother)
Hammond, Louisiana

POA of Louisiana is great, I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Brittany for a prosthetist. She’s gone beyond any of my expectations, she made home calls just to answer questions and bring supplies after I had a baby. Brittany and her dad make you feel like family. I’ve heard so many horror stories from other places and I’m glad we will never have to experience that. If you lose a limb you should not have to deal with a bad prosthetic, they really listen to all of your concerns. We love Brittany and POA of LA.

Angele Seeling
Kenner, Louisiana

In August 2013 my life changed forever. I survived a motorcycle accident which resulted in a below the knee amputation. I was blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends that supported me through the healing process. My surgeon suggested that I talk to other amputees to help me understand what life would be like as an amputee.  When I called Brittany she was working with Stan Patterson in Orlando at POA, I had many questions for Brittany, which she answered. Brittany’s knowledge of life as an amputee and a prosthetist was inspiring. With every question and concern Brittany gave me hope that I could return to a normal and active life style. READ MORE

I looked at several local Prosthetic Clinics and left each one feeling discourage and defeated, nothing that compared to POA of Orlando. Brittany shared her dream of opening a Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic here in the Metro area. Knowing this made my decision easy, I choose to make my trip to Orlando.

Entering POA of Orlando, I was greeted with such warmth. I knew I was in GREAT hands. The openness of the clinic helped me get comfortable with the entire process. Within two days, I was walking for the first time in 4 months!!! I was given my independence back. I made several trips to Orlando, knowing Brittany was working on her plan to open her own clinic in Louisiana. I followed Brittany’s progress with much anticipation.

POA of Louisiana is now open! The atmosphere at POA of Louisiana is open and inspiring. Brittany’s dedication is truly a blessing for all that know her.  POA of Louisiana has improved the quality of my life and I am grateful.


Barry Howard
Metairie, Louisiana

They are the best of the best. I don’t know where I would be if it were not for Brittany and her amazing staff!

Danielle Lewis (Caliph’s Mother)
Lafayette, Louisiana

POA has been a blessing to my family since day one. They are so nice and welcoming. You can feel the love right when you walk into the building. Brittany, Ashley, Kinesha, and Mr. George make you feel like family. My son CJ received his first prosthetic with articulation and is doing well! Brittany is great at what she does and you can see that she enjoys her job!!!! POA is not just a business but a family!!!!

Michelle Stephenson
Morgan City, Louisiana

Just want to say how amazing POA of Louisiana is, Brittany and her staff are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me and continue to do! Best of luck with POA I know you will do great things! Much love!

Marcia Marie
Biloxi, Mississippi

POA is outstanding. The quality of their work and service to their patients is the best. I love that I can call Brittany and she will work me through a problem. The staff is phenomenal. I’m so happy they have come to LA. We needed them. I will be will be with POA for a long time and highly recommend them!

Natasha Walker (Clifton’s Mother)
Zachary, Louisiana

“I could not have asked for better Blessings then Brittany and the staff of POA of Louisiana.”

6 years ago, Clifton lost his leg in a riding mower accident.  For 4 years he was in pain and had skin issues from gel liners to sock liners, to just wanting to be in his wheelchair for weeks to months at a time.  For a kid who’s very outgoing, courageous, and has no limits, this was not very pleasing to me. After several complaints to his orthopedic doctor, he recommended Brittany of POA of Louisiana.  Brittany has been such a blessing to me, my family, and most of all Clifton.  Brittany has met me in Baton Rouge to see Clifton, bought him some supplies and seen us on days without appointments.  If we call with questions Brittany answers them herself. Not only does Brittany make you feel welcome so does her dad, Mr. George, and her staff, Kinesha and Ashley.  The entire staff makes you feel welcome every time you speak to them on the phone or in person.  Since being a patient of POA of Louisiana Clifton wears his prosthetic every day, never wanting to take it off.  Clifton LOVES Brittany, Mr. George, Kinesha, and Ashley, and wishes he can see them every day.

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